Rolando Luna is a special case in the family of great Cuban pianists. In fact, he wasn’t interested in the Piano until very late, at the age of 15! Then, after 3 years spent at the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory, Omara Portuondo chose him as a sideman.

This way he continued his learning, on the stage, moving from salsa groups (Isaac Delgado…) to classical music, to traditional music (pianist of Omara for 20 years and of the Buena Vista Social Club for 10 years) and without forgetting jazz where he develops a very personal and particularly innovative universe. At his first participation in the Piano Solo Jazz competition in Montreux in 2007, he won both, the first honorary prize and the public prize!

He is also in great demand in the Havana recording studios as a pianist, of course, but also for his talents as an Arranger and Producer. Rolando is one of the contemporary pianists who has been most involved in the history of Cuban music, participating in more than 200 albums over the past 20 years.

It is by drawing on all these experiences that he has enriched his musical universe. His inventiveness, virtuosity and musicality makes him a pianist apart who offers real jewels as in his album Alucinaciones, released in 2012 or in his last double solo piano album “Rolando’s Faces” (released spring 2022) which will delight lovers of this delicate exercise.

He developed his immense talent through his very rich compositions, wandering between French romanticism, the Russian piano school and his natural Cuban character.

On stage, Rolando seduces with his charisma, his poetry and his always amazing improvisations. The emotion he transmits will quickly make purists forget his very “organic” technique, which remains extremely effective and always at the service of music and poetry.

He is regularly invited by internationally renowned artists to Cuba of course, but also to Brazil, Russia or France with, for example, Ibrahim Maalouf.

He enjoys recognition from the greatest like Omara Portuondo “Rolando is a particularly talented and impressive pianist”, Chucho Valdes “Rolando is an example of creativity and imagination, with great elegance and freshness in his playing. The future gives him great success. » or Again Ibrahim Maalouf « Rolando is an impressive musician for both, his virtuosity and his ability to afront all types of music. He is one of those artists to watch closely and who has some nice surprises in store for us in the future.

Recently programmed at Jazz in Marciac, Rolando Luna was a great success there with his friends Rodney Barreto on drums and Gaston Joya on double bass, for a big top filled as in the best days and in front of a particularly enthusiastic audience. The professionals present that evening also welcomed this wonderful moment: “a concert that will mark the spirits” (Alex Dutilh – France Musique). His last appearance as a trio at the Auditorium of the Opera de Bordeaux was very popular and will perhaps be the subject of a live album in the spring of 2022.

He performs as a solo piano, duo, trio or quartet and is also one of the founding members of the collective El Comité.

Rolando Luna
Rolando Luna – My one and only love – Piano Solo
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